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Resin Viking Rune set for divination and healing -- Blue and Red with Gold

This Rune set offers 27 resin stones containing 24 Futhark and 3 Wyrd (blank) Runes.

Each Rune stone is made of two-part epoxy resin, is hand-made, and is unique. No two sets will ever look alike.

I have not "Charged" them, that is the first thing you need to do to get the best readings.

These stones are approximately 3/4" X 1-1/8" X 1/2" thick. Runes come in a black velvet drawstring storage pouch included.

Each rune:
- Each Rune stone is worked by hand.
- The colors may look slightly from the photo.
- Small carrying bag is included.

The Runes you see are the Runes you will receive.

I can do custom sets with requested colors, and it may take up to two weeks after the order date to ship. Message me with custom requests.

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